Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been away for a while. Dealing with many new things. We had a lot of renovations happen to the front of the house which meant dealing with a lot of stress. Stressing mostly about how something would look like when it would be finished and if the right color choice was made. Was the job done right..... It wasn't just myself who had to deal with this stuff, other family members had to deal with this as well. It wasn't a fun time. But when it was all finished, some of it anyways, the front of the house looked beautiful. We also had issues with work that was not finished. But that is a topic in itself...

My pictures are all over the place so I can not post any visuals for the time being. But there is a huge before/after difference that is evident when you see the pictures. I would have to say that the "piece de la resistance" is the ironwork of the front balcony. It is simply stunning. If you ever have to choose between iron and fiberglass, choose iron. It is more pricey but in the end makes a huge difference. I am so happy that it is over and done with.

Well I'm happy to be back in blogdom and look forward to posting more often from now on.