Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter surprises

I feel kind of guilty that I haven't kept up my blog. I'll be honest that I have also been neglectful in following my most beloved blogs. So being up late, unable to sleep, I thought of just slowly easing back into it and at the same time getting the chance to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
Around two weeks ago my brother was going to uncover the barbecue, since we had Easter celebrations coming up, thinking that we would be roasting the lamb over the open barbecue and enjoy our Greek feast outside. As soon as he undid the plastic fabric cover a large feral cat suddenly jumped out. My brother was bewildered and upset that there was a large cat taking refuge in the spit and to add to the trouble she started to hiss at him. He looked into the barbecue, cringing that he would find a huge mess and was surprised to find three little babies all curled up in a furry bundle. Mama had decided to give birth in the open spit. Weren't we surprised!!!! We left her alone for about a week and a half and would put out a can of tuna now and again. But then the heavy wind we had one day blew the fabric cover off the spit and we could not get close enough to put the cover back on so unfortunately mama and babies were exposed to the elements as well as the humans (that would be us). Last week my sister in law called me at work and said that the mama and the two babies had left the "nest" but that the last baby was still there. I freaked out, hoping she would not leave the last one behind. It has been known to happen for one reason or another, that one of the three could be abandoned. I was in panic mode, until I got home, because I knew that if she had left one behind I would have to care for it and unfortunately would have to call a shelter to come take it. That made me very sad and distraught. I made it home and was put at ease to find out that she did inevitably take all three and found them a new home. It didn't take long to find out that they didn't go very far after all. They have taken refuge under my balcony. We have a closed in balcony where we keep the rakes and gardening supplies and the door has not been closing properly, it has been left ajar many times. So far the new family is doing fine and if we clean out the spit in time we just might get to use it yet. An extremely thorough cleaning, that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!