Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tonight was one of those breezy spring evenings when you want to get together with family and friends, sip ice coffee on the balcony and just gossip about the week's events. My sister-in-law came downstairs with her knitting and my sister picked up her crochet and I had my tatting so we all sat together with the window open, a warm soft breeze entering the room,and we just gossiped about everything under the sun. So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!When you're with good company the stitches go by so much faster and it does not seem so monotonous.
Right now I am tatting a lace edging for a scarf/shawl which I have just sewed. It's not a complicated lace pattern but the process is taking too long and it is getting tedious. I tend to get bored after repeating the same stitches over and over and feel the urge to stop but I shouldn't because then I run the risk of not picking it up again and my attention gets directed to other things like scrapbooking, cardmaking or stamp carving. I have a type of attention deficit disorder and can not stay with one project for too long before jumping on to the next. That is something I have to work hard on not doing, so I will try to progress as far as I can with this project before I feel like jumping on to something else.
Good night!!