Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Altered State

Last night I had some alterations to do for my mother's jacket. She recently bought a new suit because we are invited to a wedding which is taking place next week. Everything is fine with the fit except that the jacket hangs strangely in the back underneath the armpits. I realised that the jacket needs extra shoulder pads. The ones that were stitched into the jacket are almost non-existant so I thought why don't I go to the fabric store and purchase a pair and just stitch them in. Well, last night I was watching the last episode of Project Runway Canada and felt pretty courageous to unstitch the sleeve lining and slip in the extra pads. I was so afraid because the wedding is next week and I thought that I would ruin her jacket if I tinkered with it. Never done anything like this before but thankfully everything turned out well. She kept complaining that she would not find anything that fits her in time for the wedding. I am so glad she did.

I spoke with my sister on the phone telling her of my accomplishment and she told me that she bought a dress for the wedding also and if I could take a look at it because there is a spot at the shoulder area which needs adjusting. I just about dropped the phone in mid-conversation. I think that I should start charging. I am sure that will deter the clients from accumulating.


  1. Thanks for your suggestion about the dress form. I have read in people's blogs about making your own. It seems scary to me, but I will look into this. Once you start altering and doing for all these people it never ends, but when someone asks me to do something like that I take it as a compliment that they trust my abilities.

  2. Being peace is awesome. This world needs a lot more of you!!! Fearless is good too. I think of a strong woman when I think of fearless, but you know what? It takes a strong woman to be a peace maker too. Love is just out there and flighty.