Monday, January 2, 2012


I hope that everyone has had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year brings everyone health, happiness and a renewed outlook on life. I thought that Christmas crept up on me very quickly this year and between work and taking care of my mom it was a little difficult to go all out and decorate and pay attention to the details. So almost last minute I remembered that I had bought a Christmas village complete with little people one year but had squirreled it away. So I got it out and then was sort of stumped as to how to decorate it with the lights I had just bought. I tried to go around each little house but the thick green wires were exposed and oh, what an ugly sight that was. Then I took the chance and shoved all the lights underneath the polyester fiberfill I had in my stash and used for snow. I absolutely loved the results. The "fake snow" glowed beautifully. I was actually afraid that the little lights would get very warm and may start a fire, so that was why I was hesitant. The lights didn't even get warm, so that showed me that it was pretty safe.

I loved the results. And so did my family. Check it out.

What attracted me to these little houses was that they are little ceramic miniatures of art.The glaze on them is just delicious. There is so much shine, color and texture on them and they are small in scale so I can scatter several all around and it does really resemble a tiny village. I have a general store, a dress shop and a church and a schoolhouse and the little people are just as varied. I have a father and son, a young couple, an older couple and two friends and just love imagining scenarios for them and placing them in different locations. I got the fence from Canadian Tire and it was my last add-on purchase. When I saw the fence I fell in love I thought it was spectacularly perfect. It adds a touch of reality to the whole scene. Now I just have to find small little trees to complete the look. This village was my tree replacement for this year and it seemed to be a hit with everyone.

I just can't wait till next year to add more accessories to my little village. Just planning and dreaming of the outcome is what I enjoy the most.

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