Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, I have already mentioned that we have kitties living in the back yard under the balcony (in the shed) where we keep our rakes and extra "stuff". I neglected to mention though that there are birds nesting again in the front of the house under my sister-in-law's balcony. They managed to construct a nest in a small crevice under the balcony where a wooden board was slightly loose. They knitted together twigs and fibers and created a little home and had their babies. Every morning the babies chirp incessantly waiting for their parents to feed them. I can even hear them when I wake up in the morning and the window is closed. Let's just say they can be heard clearly every morning and afternoon. I still do not understand how they managed to squeeze into such a small space. I am guessing at the dimensions but they may be somewhere like 3 inches long and 2 inches deep. There is definately more than two birds in that crawl space. Too tight for my taste.
So aside from those little critters, I found out that I had even more visitors coming my way. Let's see, their Head of State is a Queen and they set up colonies immediately when invading a territory. Unfortunately, they are not of the British variety. Neither Wills nor Kate, but I did get colonized pretty fast. My kitchen that is. Instantly saw those little suckers when I dropped something on the floor and stooped to pick it up. I started to realise that I was outnumbered. I did a stupid thing right off the bat, I vacuumed them because they were everywhere, now they are probably colonizing in my vaccuum. Not too smart!!!! I tried stepping on them hoping they would not send signals back home that they had found a new country and to send more troops but that didn't work either. .....They kept coming, one on the water cooler, 5 on my kitchen table. I wiped, I cleaned, I disinfected but to no avail. I purchased ant traps from Canadian Tire and set them up along the corners and in front of the patio doors. I stepped back and hoped that they would check in to eat the tainted peanut butter in the traps. The scent of food brought them out for sure, in high numbers, but they just scurried along the traps, stopping to smell the trap and then go on their merry way. I was livid and pulling my hair out by this point because they kept coming in and I would check outside but could not see a point of entry. I drove my brother crazy, so we took a little trip to Reno Depot and I perused through the aisle where they keep the insecticides. I finally settled on a small little bottle of "Raid: Liquid Ant Killer", main ingredient: 7.7 % borax....... Enough said. I went home and squirted the liquid along the baseboards, in the corners and in front of the patio doors. In two minutes I had used up the entire bottle. They came in droves, I tell you. They drank and drank and drank, I actually thought that some of them looked slightly hammered because they would wander off and bump into the wall. I don't think that they could get enough of this stuff!!!!! It was like nectar. In the evening I was literally inondated. I got grossed out, so I closed the light and ate in a different room of the house.
In the morning, I checked and there were only two or three wandering on my kitchen floor. When I came back from work yesterday evening there was only one walking across my floor. My brother joked that he was wondering where all his friends went. I thought that was funny. This morning I saw nothing. No activity, I am hoping they are out of my house. For anyone out there who has ants and is trying to get rid of them, ant traps DO NOT WORK.........Get the liquid stuff, it works like a charm (for the time being). I am just hoping that I have seen the last of them.

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