Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project Progress

Tatting is still my main focus for the moment. I have not wandered off to "create" other things. So far I have finished 1/10th of my project. Not even near the middle. I have done the top half of my edging. After this I have three more insertions to make and I will attach all of them together and crochet or sew them to the edge of my scarf.

I showed a co-worker of mine what I was doing and the amount of work which I still had to do on it and the only thing he could tell me was that he hoped I did not forget it on the bus because then all my hard work would be enjoyed by someone else. I don't even want to think of that scenario, let alone live it.

My mother says that it will be too ornate but I figure I want to go all the way on this one. I am glad that I picked this color though. It reminds me of the color of sand which is always wet as the water keeps running over it.

My progress is very slow but steady and I am trying not to get bored very quickly like I always seem to do. Its not hard to catch my attention but very hard to keep it! For the moment this is the only picture I have of my progress.

The only negative thing is that the tendonitis on my left elbow is acting up but the pain is manageable for now. I am hoping that it does not get too bad before I could finish the whole thing. Will keep everyone posted!

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  1. Looks amazing. Mothers can be wrong, but they will never admit it. I know, I am one!