Saturday, March 28, 2009

Artful accessories

Awhile back I made a promise to myself that I would not buy any more fabric until I managed to sew a couple of pieces from my fabric stash. Given the fact that I have accumulated.....hmmm... a couple of clear plastic bins of material it is a promise I better keep or I run the risk of becoming a pack rat. Mind you these are not notions....just material. I always buy something with the intention of making it into something specific. Well last week I paid a visit to Fabricville, downtown, as they were having one of their sales. I even have the discount savings card and thought that I would just see what was available. I was a good girl and did not entertain the thought of buying anymore fabric. But...... I did pick up a couple of accessories. I found these cute little "snippers" in the scissor section. I thought that they would be very good for clipping the
material when making buttonholes.

I really like the fine tips and they cut pretty well. An old sewing teacher of mine once told me that the scissors which I use for material should never be used to cut paper or they will dull the blades faster so I have other scissors for my material and a separate pair for cutting my paper patterns. Then I saw a colorul pair of Unique thimbles in a variety of colors and sizes. They are flexible and do not feel cumbersome like the metal ones. In the cart they went also.

Unfortunately my "sewing purchases" are not excusive to the fabric stores. I also tend to visit the local art store and since they carry a lot of scrapbooking items I also saw a pair of ribbons which I think that I would like to use as drawstring for pyjama bottoms.

My tatting project is coming along nicely. So far I have a square and a middle and somehow I will put the two together. Don't know how I will take care of that yet but so far this is all I have.

I still don't know what it will be but I am sure it will eventually make itself clear to me. Can't wait to find out. 'Till next time.


  1. Amazing! A lost art!! This would make a beautiful brooch to wear on a simple dress or on a coat. I am so so so jealous. Now that I'm through with Easter clothing for my grands, I can do the 5 or 6 other projects that I have backed up and then maybe I can try tatting again!!

  2. That tatting is beautiful!

    Do you knit as well?

    Thanks for following my blog. Toss me an email at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com so that I can respond to your comments.

    I have a sewing machine that I'd love to learn how to use!

  3. When I was a little girl my grandmother taught me how to tat. She had learned from nuns in a Catholic school she attended in Belgium when she was little. Sadly, I've forgotten. You are lucky to know how to do things witha needle and thread, some of us don't have what it takes.

  4. Yes, there is something that I can't do and that is make tatting. There is a book titled Grace by Lace by Debra S. Bonito that you would love. I'm not sure if it is one you can buy on line or where you can get it. I actually know the author so I will try to find out where to get it or just get you one myself.
    I have made some puppets, but not these (just their wigs). The ones I've made are mostly animals like pigs, fish, and camels, etcc..... Mine are definitely not professionally made like these are from Puppet Productions. Theirs are wonderful!
    Thanks for you comments.

  5. Thank you Julia. I definately have to look into the book you've mentioned. Sounds interesting. I bet you can do just about anything you set your mind to.

  6. don't worry about your fabric stash, you can't have too much, it just may come in handy one day. :) I also have a fabric stash that doesn't get used up like it should, because I'm to busy painting. the same with my tatting, I don't get to do it as often as I would like, as the days aren't long enough.
    your blog looks great.

  7. Yes, the embroidery is done by hand. I don't have an embroidery machine. It's too much fun to do by hand for me. It doesn't take too long. Of course, it depends on the design, etc... I usually do it while watching tv with my DH or while in the car.