Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bitten by the bug......

The tatting one that is, not the creepy crawler kind. Last week I went to "Dressmakers" on St. Catherine Street (Montreal) and all the way in the back against the right hand wall I found a beautiful DMC no. 5 thread in a scrumptious blue color. I am very much attracted to color, whether it is a muted tone or a bright vibrant one it never fails to bring out an emotion in me. I always tend to pick color which reflects the mood I am in. I guess I must have been in an uplifted and optimistic kind of mood that particular day because this color reminds me of lazy summer days. It is somewhere in the middle between cerulean and azure and conjures up images of a Meditteranean ocean and summer skies. It is actually a medium blue and not a washed out tone which the picture may, unfortunately, lead you to believe. I am not a very good (quite horrible actually) photographer and I apologize for the quality of the picture.

First of all one of my main passions is sewing. Believe it or not, that is mainly what led me to tatting. I love lace and I was searching for a way to embelish some of my sewn articles of clothing. My sister crochets (beautifully). She was taught to crochet one summer by my great- aunt while we were visiting Crete. She took to it like a fish to water but I on the other hand can not crochet to save my life. I am horrible at it. So about 2 years ago I got it into my head that I just had to learn how to make lace. I tried to crochet but it wasn't meant to be. I bought books, begged my sister for lessons and got irritated when the results came out too tight or too loose. Something was just not right. I shelved the books, the crochet hook and yarn and forgot about it until I discovered tatting. My first attempt was with a needle and it was amazing what can be created with only one needle! I fell in love with it instantaneously. From then on I have created lace edgings for scarves. I thought that this would be an embelishment as well until something inside me was screaming that it should be turned into a square motif. So here it is slowly turning into a square..... I don't have an inkling as to what the inside will look like or how it will look finished but I guess that is the excitement of the adventure. Not knowing how it will eventually turn out. Promise to post when I have more to show. 'Till next time. Au revoir......


  1. Ohhhhh! I'm so jealous! My grandmother made the most beautiful tattling and wanted to teach me, but I didn't want to learn!!! Can you believe it? So, that is one of my goals in life now. I just have to find the time. I have a book, somewhere, and figured out part of it. I have my grandmother's shuttle and yards of her tatting. I hope I can do this.
    I just found your blog by cruising through others and found this post! I'm so excited. I must learn to tat.

  2. I haven't heard too many people do this craft. Looking forward to learning more.

  3. The piece you are working on seems beautiful. I think I would like to learn how to tat also. Can you recommend a book or a course?

  4. My grandma taught me to shuttle tat...but I've forgotten how!! I have a needle tatting book I should dust off.

    Thanks for the dress comment! :) Hey, I throw a turtleneck and tights under all kinds of stuff in the winter, LOL!